Film Capacitors

Need Film Capacitors?

Power Capacitors Up to 50kV, AC or DC, Board Mount to Large Cans, Low Voltage and Medium Voltage, High Current, Low Inductance

Power Factor Correction Capacitors 230V to 800V, 1kvar to 40 kvar, Oil Filled or Gas Filled, Integrated Safety Device

Medium Voltage Capacitors Up to 11.8kV, Multiple Steel Case Configurations, Single or Three Phase, Self Healing MKP Elements

UPE ATE Resistors

Need Resistors?

Wirewound (3W to 250W) – Silicone Coated, Aluminum Housed, And Surface Mount

Thick Film (100W to 250W) – SOT227 and Other Packages Available

Let Us Help…

Meet Or Exceed Your Specifications: Including Non-Inductive Windings, MIL-R-26E, Many Terminal Options

Meet Or Exceed Your Expectations: Short Lead Times, Quick Reliable Service, Attractive Cost Structure