Low Inductance DC Link Capacitor (600 to 3600VDC) High Current (Up To 120A) Long Life, Solid Resin Fill

E50 pk16 dc capacitor

The E50 (PK16™) capacitor can be universally used for the assembly of low inductance DC buffer circuits and DC Link filters; with its high energy density it can replace banks of series-connected electrolytic capacitors as well as large film capacitors in rectangular cases. Thanks to its compact cylindrical aluminum (N1/N5) or plastic (N4) can designs this capacitor is ideal for both the electrical and mechanical requirements of high-speed IGBT converters.

Its robust terminals and the robust fixing stud allow for very simple and reliable mounting that unites lowest inductance and highest current strength.

E50 pk16 dc capacitor side view
E50 pk16 dc capacitor view 3

The particularly large clearance and creepage distances make this design suitable for a wide range of operating voltages.

Function: DC buffer circuit, DC link, smoothing, energy storage, filter


  • DC-link of rectifiers/frequency converters
    • traction and drives
    • “green” energy generation (inverters for solar/wind power)
    • frequency-controlled drives
    • uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
    • substitution of series-connected electrolytic capacitors especially in devices with voltages of 600V or higher
  • DC filters
  • induction heating
  • aviation
  • retrofit for old-style cylindrical MP capacitors (SIEMENS/EPCOS)
  • medical equipment (X-ray, laser, etc.)
  • discharge circuits
Approvals: UL
Voltage reversal: not allowed
Climatic Classes: F or G
Filler PUR, solid
Internal safety device: none
Standard lifetime >200,000 hrs