Radial and Axial Low-inductance AC/DC-Capacitors 280 VAC to 2100 VAC / 550 VDC to 5000 VDC, up to 250μF

e53 capacitor

E53 capacitors have a particularly low series resistance and high pulse strength; they are especially suited for low-inductance buffer circuits with high rms currents and for the damping of GTO thyristors.

Along with their very good ratio of capacitance to volume, these capacitors also have very good self-healing characteristics without loss of capacitance. Their very low self-inductance makes them suitable for use in high-current applications with medium frequencies.

Connection is made through robust studs with M8 thread, or terminals with internal thread.

Two brackets at the base of the can of the design “H” series make for convenient mounting.

Function: snubbing, smoothing, filtering, discharge, low-inductive buffer circuits


  • drives, converters
  • parallel resonating circuits
  • input filters
  • “green” energy generation (inverters for solar/wind power)
  • aviation
  • test equipment
  • pulsed lasers
  • induction heating
  • traction (choppers, converters, drives)
  • surge protection
  • high-current DC filtering
Approvals: UL
Voltage reversal: allowed
Climatic Class: G or F
Filler: PUR (solid)
Internal safety device: none
Standard lifetime >150,000hrs