We’re looking for top notch sales reps…

UPE is currently expanding the its sales network. If you are a member of a sales representative firm and would like to represent our capacitors and resistors in your territory, please contact David Basista to discuss the opportunity.

What we offer

We offer a unique knowledge base and experience in application support related to two primary product categories. They are capacitors and resistors for power applications. All of which are manufactured at facilities certified to meet the quality standards of ISO9001:2008. Additional certifications include RoHS, UL, CSE, CSA, IEC and MIL spec.

DC Link Capacitor

Electronicon’s E50 series was designed primarily as a DC link capacitor with extremely high current capability and operational life up to 200,000 hours or more.

AC / DC Power Capacitors

The E62 series was design for use in either AC or DC power applications where a long life and superior reliability are paramount.

Wirewound Silicone Coated Symmetry Resistor

Symmetry resistors or capacitor discharge resistors, silicone coated axial with rigid tabs to mount directly to screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Wirewound Aluminum Housed Axial Resistor

Extruded aluminum housing provides superior heat conduction. Housing is designed with deep fins for maximum heat dissipation with natural or forced air convection.

Capacitors for Electric Vehicles

Electronicon’s E57 series has been created particularly for the automotive industry where operating voltages and vary compact design are often the key requirement.

Thick Film Power Resistors

Excellent Power/Volume ratio. Easy mounting and wiring with significant cost advantages. Non-inductive performance for high frequency applications up to 500W.

Our clients trust UPE

UPE is a trusted supplier to some of the world’s best known companies in the power electronics field. Timely communication and support are the hallmarks that set us apart.

General Motors
General Electric
Schneider Electric
Danfoss Turbocor
TDI Power