E12-E33 capacitors motor run
E12-E33 capacitor
Capacitors for Lighting or Motor Run

AC Capacitors in aluminum can with overpressure protection, for General Use

Our capacitors of the E12 and E33 series are universally-suited for lighting and motor applications as well as power factor correction and power electronics. Their winding element of self-healing polypropylene film is immersed in eco-friendly vegetable oil and designed for highest requirements regarding operational life and functional safety even at high operating temperatures and other extreme conditions such as high humidity.

Connection is made through a convenient push wire terminal which includes the discharge resistor.
The hermetical aluminium can is provided with an integrated overpressure safety mechanism (break-action mechanism, ” BAM “) that disconnects the capacitor irreversibly from the supply in the event of a failure.
The E12/E33 ranges comply with the “Type B” classification under lighting standard IEC/EN61048 as well as with “Class P2” under motor capacitor standard IEC/EN 60252-1.
Please mind our safety remarks on the use of lighting capacitors in critical environment.

E12 available up to 130µF 300Vrms. Approved by VDE as “Type B” to IEC/EN61048, IEC/EN61049, as “Class P2” to IEC/EN 60252-1, and by UL to UL 810/840.

E33 available up to 100µF 450-500Vrms. Approved by VDE as “Class P2” to IEC/EN 60252-1, and by UL to UL 810/840.