Axial Low-inductance DC or AC/DC-Capacitors 1,300 VDC to 50,000 VDC, up to 700μF 2,350 VAC to 35,000 VAC, up to 5μF

e51 capacitor

The capacitors of the E51 series are primarily suitable for use in low inductance buffer circuits with higher voltages as well as in discharge circuits, and they are suitable for use in power electronics in general.

Despite the high voltage rating, they are manufactured in dry technology and without expensive bushings. Inside the can, made of self-extinguishing plastic, the capacitor element is enclosed in solid resin (PUR). Connection is made through robust terminals with internal thread. Along with their very good ratio of capacitance to volume, these capacitors also have high pulse strength and very good self-healing characteristics without loss of capacitance.

Function: snubbing, commutation, smoothing, filtering, discharge


  • traction and drives
  • frequency controlled drives
  • “green” energy generation (inverters for solar/wind power)
  • HVDC transmission
  • high voltage generation
  • LV/MV inverters/rectifiers/rotary transformers
  • resonating circuits
  • HF filters
  • surge suppression (as separate range “E93 DSC”)
  • transient protection of transformers and MV motors


Approvals: none
Voltage reversal: not allowed
Climatic Class: F
Filler: PUR (solid)
Internal safety device: none
Standard lifetime >200,000hrs