Dry-Type, Self-Healing Medium Voltage Capacitors 3,000 Vrms to 12,000 Vrms, up to 400kvar (3ph)

e90 capacitor

These capacitors are self-healing and extremely durable. The capacitance remains practically unchanged over a long period of time which is of particular interest for applications with tuning or detuning reactors; domino-like failures of entire groups of series-connected capacitor elements and the resulting phase asymmetries are practically impossible. Moreover, the capacitors are completely insensitive to vibration stress.

Unlike traditional ALLFILM-capacitors, MSD™ is manufactured without liquid impregnants, and filled with solid, plant-oil-based resin. Other than with conventional ALLFILM-capacitors, the integrated pressure switch provides real and reliable protection in the event of a fault.

Available as three-phase designs (WYE) in the range from 50 to 300kvar, for mains up to 12kV.

Function: medium voltage power factor correction, filter


  • controlled PFC banks
  • fixed PFC in critical areas (mining, water treatment etc.)
  • onboard PFC on mobile equipment
  • MV soft starters
  • output AC filters, e.g. for MV converters
Approvals: none
Voltage reversal: allowed
Climatic Class: C
Filler: PUR (solid)
Internal safety device: optional pressure sensor
Standard lifetime >130,000hrs