Low Inductance DC Link Capacitor (500 to 1300VDC) Current Up To 35A, Long Life, Solid Resin, PCB Mount

e61 PK16

The E61 capacitor is based on the same philosophy as our PK16™ range, but prepared for direct mounting on printed circuit boards. Function and benefits are the same as with PK16™, in a smaller scale.

Function: DC link, smoothing, filter


  • DC-link of rectifiers/frequency converters
    • drives
    • “green” energy generation (inverters for solar/wind power)
    • frequency-controlled drives
    • uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
    • substitution of series-connected electrolytic capacitors especially in devices with voltages of 600V or higher
  • DC filters
  • aviation
  • medical equipment (X-ray, laser, etc.)
  • discharge circuits
Approvals: none
Voltage reversal: not allowed
Climatic Class: F
Filler PUR, solid
Internal safety device: none
Standard lifetime >150,000 hrs