640VAC to 1700V AC (450Vrms to1200Vrms), up to 3 x 200μF

e62-3ph capacitors

These capacitors which have been designed especially for harmonic filtering in three-phase mains stand out by their high AC-voltage load capacity and suitability for high rms and surge currents. Thanks to their construction they have a very low series resistance and a low self-inductance.

The three capacitor elements are connected in delta internally; liquid resin filling serves for improved heat dissipation. The finger-proof screw terminals of designs CAPAGRIPTM K, L and M (rated IP20) make for simpler connections.

Very good self-healing characteristics and the integrated overpressure protection (break-action mechanism) ensure safe operation and controlled disconnection in the event of overload or failure at the end of operating life.

The standard design has a capacitance tolerance of ± 5%. Tighter tolerances are available on request.

Function: three phase power factor correction, filtering


  • power factor correction in automatic PFC/tuned passive filters
  • filter capacitors
  • in static VAR compensation
  • UPS
  • converter outputs


Approvals: UL
Voltage reversal: allowed
Climatic Classes: C
Filler: castor oil
Internal safety device: BAM
Standard lifetime >150,000hrs