DC General Use, Liquid Resin Filled, (800 to 6300VDC) High capacitance to volume ratio, Extremely Overvoltage Proof, Overpressure protection

e63 electronicon capacitor
e63 capacitor
e63 electronicon capacitor
e63 capacitor
e63 electronicon capacitor

The specialized films and coatings used in our E63-capacitors makes them interesting particularly for applications with high rms currents.

Filled with vegetable based liquid resin, these capacitors have a high specific ratio of capacitance to volume. At the same time, they are extremely overvoltage-proof. Very good self-healing characteristics and the integrated overpressure protection (break-action mechanism) ensure safe operation and controlled disconnection in the event of overload or failure at the end of operating life.

Function: smoothing, supporting, DC-filtering


  • traction and drives
  • DC applications with rough environmental conditions
  • power supplies
  • generators (excitation)


Approvals: UL
Voltage reversal: not allowed
Climatic Class: C
Filler: castor oil
Internal safety device: BAM
Standard lifetime: >200,000hrs