DC-link/DC-Filter Capacitors in Rectangular Case up to 25,000 VDC, or up to 10,000 VAC, up to 60,000μF

e56 e59 capacitor

Thanks to the special kind of films and coatings used in our E56/E59-capacitors, they unite large capacitance, low self-inductance and high surge current sustaining capability (up to 750kA) as well as the possibility of high rms currents (up to 1000A rms). Special flat terminals further reduce self-inductance.

These capacitors have a high specific ratio of capacitance to volume. At the same time, they are extremely overvoltage proof. The capacitors are housed in either steel or aluminum cases which are filled with solid resin, i.e. completely dry and leakage proof. Even at high operating temperatures, and after increased numbers of self-healing breakdowns, the capacitance remains stable.

An integrated pressure switch can be used for external monitoring of the internal pressure and safe disconnection in the event of overload or failure at the end of operating life.

E56/E59 capacitors are designed individually according to the customer’s requirements related to capacitance, connection and case material.

Function: DC buffer circuits, filtering, discharge, tuned filters, energy storage


  • inverters/rectifiers/converters
  • traction and drives
  • HVDC
  • railway power supplies
  • HV generation
Approvals: none
Voltage reversal: E56: not allowed

E59: depending on application

Climatic Class: E56: C

E59: C or F

Filler: PUR (solid)
Internal safety device: optional pressure sensor
Standard lifetime >200,000hrs

DC-link/DC-Filter Capacitors in Rectangular Plastic Case. Operating temperatures up to 105°C

e57 capacitor

This range has been created particularly for applications in the automotive industry where high operating voltages and very compact design are often the key requirement.

Function: DC link


  • electric vehicles
Approvals: none
Voltage reversal: allowed
Climatic Class: F
Filler: PUR (solid)
Internal safety device: none
Standard lifetime depending on application >15,000hrs…100,000hrs