UPE, Inc. was founded in 1990 to serve the power electronics industry with world class components. We have maintained our focus on providing the necessary solution oriented technical support to engineers and buyers alike. We offer a unique knowledge base and experience in application support related to three primary product categories. They are printed circuit boards, power resistors, and power capacitors. All of which are manufactured at facilities certified to meet the quality standards of ISO9001:2000. Additional certifications include UL, CSE, CSA, IEC, and MIL spec.


Our printed circuit boards, resistors, and capacitors have demonstrated great success in low and medium voltage applications such as military, aerospace, medical, industrial, motor drives, power supplies, induction heating, welding, traction, electric vehicles, power conditioning, lighting and other power electronic applications.

The circuit boards we offer are manufactured by our subsidiary, UPE Canada Inc., located near Ottawa. UPE Canada is the world leader in Heavy Copper and Extreme Copper Printed Circuit Boards. The Heavy Copper printed circuit board is defined as boards with copper weight of 5 oz. up to 20 oz. Extreme copper refers to copper weight from 20 oz. up to 200 oz. UPE Canada is UL listed for circuit boards utilizing heavy copper as well as standard PCB’s with fine lines and spaces.

The film capacitors and resistors are RoHS compliant, while the printed circuit boards can be supplied RoHS compliant using a variety of finishes or with the traditional tin lead finish for military and aerospace applications. A commitment to exceptional quality and an experienced staff allow UPE Canada to remain on the leading edge of the printed circuit board technology.