Intro to Heavy Copper PCBs | Design Guidelines | Production Capabilities

UPE Canada supplies top quality product manufactured to your exact specifications. We are ISO 9001:2000 registered and UL certified. Our product profile includes double-sided and multi-layer boards, with fine pitch SMT and BGA designs. Additionally UPE is the technology and manufacturing leader in “HEAVY and EXTREME Copper Circuits”, and continues to actively research this new and innovative technology. A commitment to exceptional quality and an experienced staff allows UPE Canada to remain on the leading edge of printed wiring board technology. Our client base includes commercial, military, telecommunications, medical, aerospace, and industrial sectors.

UPE Canada is NOT “Plot & Go”. We know that designing a circuit board for manufacture is not easy; we take measures to ensure your design is OK before proceeding. If our qualified CAM engineering staff sees a problem, they will contact you immediately with possible solutions.

Here are some reasons why our customers keep coming back…

  1. Design rule check IS included on all proto-type orders.
  2. Electrical testing IS available on all proto-type orders.
  3. We accept multiple drill files, NO PROBLEM.
  4. Net-List testing IS included (IPC-D-350, IPC-D-356, IPC-D-356-A).
  5. Double hits are checked for and eliminated.
  6. We examine ALL files provided, including “readme”, pdf and drawing files.
  7. Blind and buried vias are allowed.
  8. Chamfers, notches, Internal Cut-outs… NO PROBLEM.
  9. Non-plated holes will be NON-PLATED.
  10. Standard hole tolerance of +/- 0.003”, specify if other tolerance needed.