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ELECTRONICON has been one of the leading capacitor manufacturers and users of power factor correction equipment, for the lighting industry and for many manufacturers of drives, power electronics, and home appliances.

Regular investments in advanced and environmentally sound technologies guarantee the highest standards in manufacture and quality which are approved by standard issuing authorities all over the world.

In today's globalized competition, a company such as ELECTRONICON is obliged to maintain or increase its market share by not just offering products at competitive price levels but also by distinguishing itself from its competitors by offering other outstanding features.

This is why they pay special attention to:

  • Absolute reliability and safety of their products
  • Close co-operation between manufacturer and client to meet both technical and commercial requirements
  • Improvement and development of technical expertise in all aspects of capacitor design, manufacture and production; including film coating, with special attention paid to MKPg-technology
  • Early identification and incorporation of new trends and methods in the manufacturing of capacitors
  • Flexibility and punctual fulfillment of our commercial obligations

Their experienced development engineers are responsible for implementing the latest technical ideas applicable to their products and ensuring that they adapt to the challenges and changes of traditional markets and new applications. The extraordinary close and intense co-operation between the departments of Sales, Research & Development, and Production has become the keystone of our success. ELECTRONICON continually strives to establish a close and interactive relationship with its distributors to become your preferred partner for ideas and solutions.

UPE is the US distributor for ELECTRONICON, let us help you meet or exceed your specifications with long life, high reliability, and high current AC and DC caps. We offer short lead times, quick reliable service and excellent value.

UPE can provide the following capacitors:

  • Power Capacitors - up to 50kV, AC or DC, Board Mount or Large Cans, Low Voltage and Medium Voltage, High Current and Low Inductance
  • Power Factor Correction Capacitors - 230V to 800V, 1 kvar to 40 kvar, Oil Filled or Gas Filled, Integrated Safety Device
  • Medium Voltage Capacitors - up to 11.8V, Multiple Steel Case Configurations, Single or Three Phase, Self Healing MKP Elements
  • Lighting and Motor Capacitors - 250V to 500V, 1uF to 100uF, Plastic or Aluminum Case, Multiple Connection Options, With or Without Protection Device, Long Life Design, UL Recognized